Up All Nite…Shooting, 2016

This year’s edition of the #24hourproject is happening on March 19, 2016.  For this event, photographers worldwide stay up for 24 hours documenting the city they live in and sharing one shot per hour via their social media channels.  I’m extremely excited to be an ambassador for Miami this year, helping to guide people in the area with questions and encouragement about participating.  And yes, I’ll be out with a some locals hanging and shooting around Miami and its neighborhoods (check out this post on instagram to see who’s participating).

I wanted to quickly share “what’s in my bag” for next Saturday’s adventure:

The contents of my bag for the #24hourproject in 2016.

My bag is the Evecase Large Canvas Messenger.  It was a recent purchase I was able to test out for a wedding shoot last month.  I love the material and the spaciousness of the bag. There is a removable sleeve inside to hold my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which I’m also bringing along as a back up to my Nexus 6.  I have 2 portable battery packs; a Samsung Galaxy BP6000 Battery Pack  & the 20,000mAh ZeroLemon SolarJuice battery pack.

Just in case some lighting is needed overnight in an extremely light-deprived areas of the city, I’m bringing along my LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel.  I’m hoping to force myself to mainly use the 35mm on my Sony A6000 mirrorless, but I’m also packing the kit 16-50mm lens; still on the fence about bringing the 55-210mm lens, and I think the four additional batteries for my camera should be enough power to keep going for the full 24 hours. 

I purchased 2 shirts for the walk (I like to describe them as a night version, black, and a day version, red), supporting this year’s cause for She Has Hope.  She Has Hope rescues and rehabilitates human trafficking survivors with the goal of restoring them to a life full of hope.

As the project kicks off worldwide you can follow the hashtag #24hourproject on instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  If you’re interested in participating, drop your name and city in the comment section below and I’ll link you up with the appropriate ambassador in the world…sounds cool right?



For more information please visit @24hourproject


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