31 Days & Counting

Sssssoooooo it’s been a while since I last posted…just over 3 months to be exact.  But what better way to start the practice up again, than by sharing about this year’s #24hourproject.  If you remember from last year, this is a repeat of a 24-hour, street photography event starting at midnight, this year on April 1, 2017, in each and every time zone worldwide.  As described:

“The 24HourProject gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty four hours. Through the 24HourProject’s mission, market and global exhibitions, the project reaches millions of individuals annually showcasing the human connection of images and real live stories.”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my tips and tricks in excitement for participating in this year’s function.  This will be my 3rd year participating; also having moved from South Florida to Maryland, I’m anxious to tour & document other street scenes outside of my former comfort zone.  

Sweatshirt (and t-shirts) purchased and ready; 4 more weeks to go…you can always check out http://24hourproject.org for more info, to register (for free) to participate, to see who your city’s Ambassador is, or to just check out previous exhibits/images from over the years.  Stay tuned for more to come.

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