Power On The Go

With the #24hourproject happening this weekend, I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks on how I plan to stay powered up longer, give some file wifi transfer alternatives and  suggestions on some mobile apps to consider for editing.

If you remember last week’s post, my portable battery pack choices were a Samsung Galaxy BP6000 Battery Pack  & the 20,000mAh ZeroLemon SolarJuice battery pack.  For portable battery packs, there are tons of options one can choose.  My ZeroLemon battery pack was the first portable battery pack I ever purchased.  The coolest thing about it is that it can also be charged through a traditional electrical outlet as well as by solar power. It has two charging ports for dual charging, and it also includes a small LED flashlight perfect for nighttime use.  I also just purchased an AUKEY 15000mAh Portable External Battery Power Bank Fast Charger as a backup to the backup (possibly a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy pack just because it packs more juice).  Next week I’ll recap how everything handled through the experience.


If your camera doesn’t have NFC (near field communication) or wifi capability, there are multiple options available for transferring your images without having to plug in to your laptop.  Mobile device connectors work great; just plug the device in to your phone via the
micro/USB port, insert your card to the reader and manage the transfer on your mobile device. wp-1458087964200.jpg

I’ve seen a friend use the Sony Portable Wireless Server.  The transfers from the device (after he insert the SD card from his camera) were relatively quick.  A file explorer opened on his iPhone and you could see each file and select which ones to transfer to the device and where to save them.   There are also SD cards that transfer images from the camera directly to a wifi enable device, like your smartphone or tablet.  One recommendation is an Eyefi SD Card.  As my first wifi enabled SD card it did its job relatively well.  I thought it was good for the basic need of transferring between camera and device for immediate mobile editing/social media posting.


At the mention of mobile editing, my top favorite apps are PhotogridSnapseed, VSCO, and as of late Lightroom Mobile.  The last three apps each have amazing features, and do a pretty good job of giving you quick and easy editing options.  They also have the ability to offer some interesting editing solutions for your photography on the go.  I use Photogrid mostly for applying quick text or creating collages in various sizes other than the traditional Instagram square.
Any suggestions/offerings that you’ve used or prefer in comparison?  Leave some comments below and share your thoughts.

Shot on my Sony A6000, edited with VSCO.


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