Honorable Mention – Thank You So Much

Six topics provided over 6 hours; two topics every two hours and you must shoot in sequence.  This was the South Beach Photomarathon, a photography contest that occurs annually (now in its 11th year) for photography enthusiast, amateur through professional skill levels.  It was a fun and challenging adventure that I encourage anyone to participate in when the next opportunity comes up.  See more from the participants, and also check out the winners from this year’s contest.  I’m aiming to up my game next year, but hopefully in San Juan :).


“On Sunday, April 19, 2015 Fotomission and Tropicolor hosted the 11th South Beach Photomarathon, an exciting event that is open to all those who enjoy photography.

Participants were assigned six topics to photograph on South Beach over a period of six hours. The topics were kept secret until the event day and are purposefully vague to give the contestants plenty of room for self expression.

The best photos from each topic will be selected, and from those the first, second and third place winners will be awarded plexi mounted prints of their winning images. The winners will also be exhibited at Tropicolor’s gallery during the month of June and permanently on this site along with all the contestants’ images.

This event was completely managed online. The participants received a printable ID badge via email, and on event day the secret topics were divulged every 2 hours via email, Twitter and Facebook. This made for a very interesting contest and allowed more time to work on the captures.

There was an additional topic, Event Photos. The contestants were able to submit up to 12 images of the event, selfies and other participants in action. These too will be judged, awarded and exhibited.

The final meet-up locations were announced in the email reminder the day before the event.”

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