gallery Photography: The Basics

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Photos courtesy: Dr. Tisa McGhee


Last Saturday (Feb 15) I had the opportunity to test my own knowledge and present some photography basics to volunteers for an upcoming project called “Using Photovoice in Overtown“.

The Photovoice project is being conducted to better understand community strengths and challenges in the Overtown community. To reach this goal, community members…will be equipped with cameras and asked to go into their community and photograph people, places and things that represent their community. The photographs taken will be used for the purpose of triggering discussion amongst others participating in the project, and to illustrate important ideas. The pictures may also be used in publications and presentations about the project. The names of people who appear in the pictures will not be used or disclosed; however, someone who sees the publications or presentations may recognize the images of people in the pictures.”

I was contacted by good friend Tisa McGhee, Ph.D, Barry University School of Social Work, as a resident expert to present the basics of how to use a camera, composition, and basic lighting techniques.

For my first photography seminar, I’d say it was a success and a lot of fun.  The volunteers in the seminar were very friendly and open to discussion/questioning of any of the techniques and topics mentioned.  This was also a pretty good prep for me for an upcoming seminar for Life Is Art in April where I present on Instagram (more info to come).

If you ever have any questions about this study, or you’d like to take part in photographing please feel free to contact Dr. Tisa McGhee at (305-899-3929).  All skill levels (beginner to professional) are encouraged.


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