Historic Charles Street Scavenger Hunt

Now thru December 17th, locals and visitors to Baltimore have a chance to support local shops along Charles Street by visiting local, small business retailers along the way.
Organized by The Historic Charles Street Association (HCSA), they are “…a non-profit organization, 501 (c)(3), whose mission is to support and promote the businesses, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants and retail establishments along the Charles Street corridor.”.
The scavenger hunt involves 10 venues to which participants visit for a very specific answer relevant to each venue.
You can download your own scavenger hunt clue card online. Once completed, you email your results to the organization for a chance to win various prizes. If you’ve got a few hours to wander one day, I’d definitely recommend getting out and about. In the meanwhile, enjoy the snaps from along my way.

  • Lord Baltimore

    Built in 1928, the hotel stands 22 stories tall and was registered with the US National Register of Historic Places December 2nd, 1982.
  • Urban Cellar

Owned and operated by her sons, Connie’s has two locations: one off Charles Street, another at Lexington Market.

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