#ProjectPresence On World AIDS Day 2017

Baltimore in conversation presents the #ProjectPresence4 photo exhibition today at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, starting at 6pm.


#ProjectPresence is a bi-annual community-organized visual storytelling exhibition showcasing the lives and narratives of #LGBTQ, same-gender-loving (SGL) people of color and allies in #Baltimore City. By presenting peer role models who dare to be visible, Project Presence confronts the social stigmas surrounding sexual identity and sexual health in Baltimore. [In] This edition, #ProjectPresence4 focuses on the issues surrounding gender, identity and access to healthcare. As the city addresses #HIV on World AIDS Day we gather at the iconic Reginald Lewis Museum to look at gender minorities health. Does gender really matter? How do we address people who identify outside the gender binary? Are biases toward others based on our lack of knowledge or are they rooted in our socio-cultural systems? Come have this conversation with the people in the forefront of sexuality, gender advocacy and public health.

Photographer: Brian O’Doherty

Production: John Benton Denny, Kurt Ragin, Justin Campbell, Charles Clark, Jerome Harris
Curated by Kehinde Bademosi

Photos Courtesy AnthonyJordon Photography


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