Welcome to DC

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of 1) touring Washington, D.C. (kinda like a tourist) & 2) visiting some South Florida friends who were also visiting the city.

It’s always cool to experience a new city with friends who are also seeing it with fresh eyes too.  Even though all of us had visited DC before, we don’t live here everyday so there’s always something different to see each time you visit.

The first encounter of the day was meeting a friend at the World War II memorial.  He is a volunteer photographer for the South Florida Honor Flight, which brings WWII (and other war) veterans to DC to see the monuments installed in their honors (and the honors of those who have fallen during those wars).

It’s always a pleasure to see the joy from the veteran’s family members and the supports/strangers they encounter on their special tours. I also got to meet the infamous Julius Woods, a World War II veteran who was a sailor on the USS Van Valkenburgh in 1945.  Famous for their efforts during the WWII in the South Pacific, Julius is 90, STILL working as a Security Guard for Fifty State in Miami, Florida.  My hopes to 1) sustain a long life as such and 2) as enjoyable as he does.

The second encounter was with two other friends to tour a few of the other monuments around the city .  Fall was fully in effect at this time and surprisingly, the flock of tourists was unusually low (in my personal opinion).

Another great photography opportunity in my “history book”.  Now to build my wintertime tolerance to go and see the city under that wonderful blanket of snow…forthcoming…

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