“Not your daddy’s steakhouse”…That’s What They Say


Recently I had a fabulous opportunity to be treated to dinner at the new STK location in downtown Miami. The media preview, courtesy invitation from the sensational Liana Lozada, provided a four course meal experience under a pink flamingo neon light in a sparcely filled venue (which was perfect for me, less crowded, and because they are newly opened, it’s on the way to notoriety in the downtown Miami area).


First course, Ceviche. For those of us who eat ceviche ever so infrequently (that would be a reference to probably only me), it was a good start to the meal. The meat was a fish (unfamiliar to me) but not too fishy, and the lemon/citrus base of the appetizer was just what the palette needed to be cleansed and ready for the next dish.


Second course, heirloom salad, which consisted of curved olives, Serrano ham & pesto. The consistency was a little different for me (very creamy & smooth vs the usual leafy mix I’m accustomed to). It was a tasty piece that I ate in small portions until finished. I think this was the best route for me so as not to be overwhelmed with the creaminess of the dish.


Next up was the seared sea scallops, third course. It included snap peas, heirloom carrots and a ginger carrot puree. I’m used to smaller portions of scallop as seasoning for other food vs a large portion as a main dish. The seared portion provided just enough substance to enjoy the meaty delicacy and to also appreciate the work put in to perfecting it’s presentation.


Fourth course was a beef duet; filet strips w/red wine and strip lion, au poivre. The meat moist and succulent, the drizzle on each smooth and flavorful and the mushroom & mashed potatoes in center complimented each meat very well.



Finally, the dessert platter was served. Cheesecake with citrus crisps on top, cinnamon covered mini donuts with a chocolate and raspberry dipping sauce (I’d opt for 2 raspberry sauces instead next time), and an apple crumb cake with dulce de leche ice cream (and if I REALLY had to make a choice I’d have had 3 apple desserts on the platter)

All in all, this was a very very sensational and amazing experience. Thank you to STK, chefs Rafael Linares & Yora Chan as well as the promo team at STK for the experience (and Liana for the invitation). Definitely looking forward to the revisiting one more time before my departure from the Magic City…can you say Friday evening happy hour going away…;)

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