On Friday September 9, 2016, Spris Pizza hosted a pop up shop featuring Honeybee Doughnuts 

The ginormous sweet treats were more than any sugar fiend could want (as BOTH my eyes and stomach simultaneously agreed that the beautiful treats were more than I could handle).  Karen Muirhead, founder of Honeybee, partnered with Spris Pizza venues to present the scrumptious edibles first on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, downtown Miami, and finally at the midtown location, all between Thursday through Saturday.  

The flavor samples included Smores, Guava & Cream Cheese, Oreo, Nutella, and their Signature donut (made from scratch daily, with fresh whipped cream and local honey–the Signature also happens to be their top seller).

My regret (several days later and after not consuming breakfast at the time of this post) was that I didn’t force myself to taste the jumbo goodness; but the scent wafting thorugh the air made my mouth water even against the better judgement of my overendulged eyes and stomach

Honeybee Doughnuts is located at 7388 Red Rd., Miami, FL 33143. You can also check out Spris Pizza’s three (3) locations by clicking here

And now for the visuals…enjoy. 

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