“I couldn’t believe I had to fight somebody…and I lost. “

This was one of the most memorable quotes I had ever heard in this day and age from someone who had experienced such a tragedy.

Barbara Pender, Aprille Franks-Hunt & Nikki Woods on stage following the premiere of “Unbroken Resilience”.

Aprille Franks-Hunt, a master business coach, brand strategist and philanthropist is the Founder and CEO of Women Recharged, a transformational movement that amplifies women’s voices and triumphant stories of truth.  Aprille helps men and women, tell true life stories.  Her true life story: surviving and overcoming date rape at the age of 19.

Nikki Woods & Aprille Franks-Hunt

On Saturday August 20th, “…Executive Producer, Aprille Franks-Hunt and Producer, Nikki Woods, Senior Producer, The Tom Joyner Morning Show brought their powerful message to our community.  “Unbroken Resilience” is the story of one woman’s road to resiliency and success, in hopes to heal, empower and support women globally.  AWA Kava Lounge hosted the event a few blocks west of Miami’s famed Design District.  Following the premiere of the independent short film, a chat took place discussing date rape, aspects of the heinous experience and how to support those who have been affected by it.  The entire event was MC’d by Barbara Pender, Miami native, who wanted her to give back to the community through her first project following her return to the Magic City.


“Everyone 107 seconds, someone over the age of 12 is being raped”, this mentioned by Aprille to the events attendees.  Circumventing personal experiences, opinions, and words of encouragement, the chat hit one a major message for me; don’t pass judgement and do what you can to be mindful of each other as human beings.

 A part of the proceeds from the event were also gifted to the Women Recharged foundation, whom provides tools and resources to women “helping them lead lives that are electric”.

Thank you Aprille & Nikki for sharing your life experiences in hopes to continue giving hope to others.  Thank you Barbara for executing your “evening of success” and shout out to fellow photographer Rod Deal for his artwork and creativity provided as well.

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