#BuzzItForward: Yesterday @Chopshopwynwood


See what I did, I used a hashtag and an IG handle in my title, clearly showing the who, what, when & where immediately up front.  The why: clearly stated by Chop Shop Miami


Sunday August 14th from 10am-10pm, we all were invited “…to join [Chop Shop]
for our Inaugural Back-to-School Chop Shop Buzzathon”.

Haircuts took place over the course of 12 hours, to raise money & awareness to benefit the children in our community. Chop Shop donated all of our proceeds to AMIkids to ensure deserving children receive haircuts for the entire year.  Participants came by for their own haircut and they were able to sponsor a deserving child’s haircut just by doing so.

Barbers from not only Chop Shop, but also various other barbershops and diverse backgrounds came to support this cool event.


First I meet Roxy, representing Red Carpet Barbershop, located in Homestead, FL.  Born in Matamoros Tamaulipas, Mexico, Roxy moved to Florida as a young child.  As one of two female barbers in attendance for the event, Roxy gives you charm, personality and amazing skill. Her favorite style to do is the Combover, but don’t let her femininity intimidate you. She can cut with the best of them as shown through on Instagram (@the_r.o.x.y).  If you don’t believe me, give her shop a call to book her chair.

Another visiting barber was Drew, also representing Red Carpet Barbershop, located in Homestead, FL . Drew retired from the military in 2015, after 20 years of service (thank you sir). He’s originally from Miami and Guyanese heritage. Drew says being a barber allows him to speak to people offering a different life experience, especially for the kids. He motivates children at the Richmond Perrine Optimist Academy by offering free cuts to students when they make the honor roll. “I do what I do for the soul.” Not only is this a great motivator, but the spirit of competition among the kids in the academy truly sets them above their peers when it comes down to their academic achievements.

Mari, the second female barber supporting the cause, is a Cuban American, originally from Miami, now residing in Broward County. She represented Glass House Barbershop, located in Coral Springs, FL. She saysthat the male dominated industry challenges her skill and talent, but her repeat clients sing her praises before, during and after her cuts. Six years in the business, she finds her motivation from Stacey Kutz, “Hollywood’s most requested female barber”, who has shaped the fades of actors Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, & Eddie Murphy, just to name a few. “I’ve always liked barbershops and I like art; I see [cutting hair] as art. People see barbers as a family members. They’re there for the first days of school, they are cutting hair for that first day on the job. Being a girl, helps with being clients’ psychiatrists. A haircut can change your life.” Follow and check out Mari on IG (@Signifikantcutz).

Jarreau Vincent is a local barber at Chop Shop. Born in Colorado, Jarreau is a proud African American raised in Miami. He’s been cutting hair for more than 13 years. “I do it for the people, its a hobby. My passion is interior designing. But through cutting hair, I love seeing the satisfaction from clients, providing service and building relationships with the people.”

Jason (above) is also local to Chop Shop. Born in New Jersey to Korean and Puerto Rican parents, Jason has been cutting and styling for over 13 years.  Through art and economics, he became interested in the craft in middle school. By 9th grade, he was cutting hair professionally and starting to pursue his passion as a barber. Jason likes doing things with a purpose, “…being a part of the community is what’s important.”  Jason also got me to sit in his chair for a much needed line up to my beard (especially after ALL of the barbers suggested I get a shape up-good lookin’ out to them all).  I’m happy with the results and will definitely be back to visit Jason in the future.


Finally, I tip my hat to “Super CEO” Amir Youssef and his team at Chop Shop Miami.  To coordinate such an event, receiving so much support from other barbershops, leading by example that each hand helps the other, is nothing short of an amazing feat.  Continue being the exemplary pillar for the South Florida community.  Keep shining family, and thank you again for all you do!

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