Bluedio T3, The 3rd Gen of Turbine Headphones

“Bluedio T3, the 3rd generation of turbine headphones, is engineered to sound better, to last for a very long time.The 57mm drivers and titanizing diaphragms provide powerful bass, dynamic sound reproduction.Besides, the alloy frame ensures it’s sturdy enough to be durable.All those makes it a high-quality, cost-effective headphone.”

All of the above statements are true.  I purchased the headphones as an upgrade to my Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth In-Ear Headset because 1) when you travel in an airplane, bluetooth is off limits and 2)  I just wanted something that didn’t always need to depend on a full charge to be able to be used.mine

The headphones, beautifully packaged, include:


I had owned a pair of the Bluedio HT Turbine Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones (1st Generation) and they were decent.  But in comparison, they were nowhere near as durable as the 3rd Generation.  Consider the T3s the Optimus Prime of their line of bluetooth headphones; by far superior to their predecessors: from packaging all the way to the physical product.  The bass these headphones produce is unlike any other headphone I’ve ever used (SIDE NOTE: I wish there was a control for the bass level on the headphones but depending on what device you are using, all levels can be controlled through your music player).  

All of the controls for the headphones are located discretely on the right headset: power on/off, volume, play/pause and a call button.


All in all I think the headset is a great buy for anyone looking to up their bluetooth headphone gear.  To learn more or purchase the headphones, go to

All images shot by me: follow @antjphotog on instagram & Twitter and like my Facebook page too. 🙂

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