How Do You Recognize Memorial Day?

Miami International Airport recently unveiled their new “Wall of Honor” in terminal D.  The Wall of Honor is “…a 51-foot-long, three-sided monument covered in black granite, listing the names of 118 South Florida military men and women who gave their lives during the global war of terrorism since September 11, 2001.”

It is a beautiful piece of work but I’m curious as to why they thought it’s location (more frequented by international tourists), would be the best placement for it.  Regardless, I had the chance to see it for myself on a recent departure from the terminal.  I found it blocked by tourists and completely ignored by anyone else in the terminal.


But after I took the shot, the tourists grabbed their luggage and moved on (probably to catch their respective flight).  I was able to get images of all three sides below:

MIAMemorial (1)
This wall displays the five U.S. military branch seals.
MIAMemorial (3)
The center wall holds the inscribed names of fallen heroes from South Florida.


MIAMemorial (2)
The third wall includes an ongoing film project featuring interviews of the fallen servicemembers’ family paying their final respects in a very intimate moment.

From Miami International Airport’s site:


“Our way of life- and air travel in particular- was changed forever by the events of 9/11, so this is our way of saying thank you to the local men and women who have died while protecting our nation,” said Director Emilio Gonzalez.

If your schedule permits, stop by the Wall of Honor to pay tribute to these South Florida heroes.”

And if there are tourists are in the way, be patient like I was, they’ll eventually move on to allow the full view of the permanent memorial.


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