I Now Pronounce You, Husband & Wife

I’m always excited to photograph a wedding. A new venue I’ve yet to observe, lots of happiness and warm energy all around; I think I’m finally realizing just what exactly feeds my creativity in these situations.  And as excited to start the day, I truly welcome the end of the gig, to officially turn off my brain and catch up on a few moments of rest before the anguish sets in that I’m barely half way done (and this all after I’ve departed from the reception).


There’s also a slight fear of “did I catch everything I needed today?”  Then after days/weeks of finally selecting images for editing and finalizing my best for the client’s memories, I’m literally holding my breath (for more days/possibly weeks) in fear that the client will be unhappy. Although I’ve not yet disappointed my clients (and have no future plans of doing so intentionally) it’s still always pleasureable to receive honest feedback on my work.

I hope they like them (full delivery is scheduled for Friday).


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