“The Seatbelt Sign Is On”

Earlier this week, I along with a few other select Miami Instagramers had the privilege of seeing Miami International Airport like no other travelers have seen it before.  Instead of only viewing the flight patterns and frenzied travelers from inside the terminal, we were chaperoned through a tour of the airfield and other areas of the airport outside of the main terminals.

Juana Duff, Miami International Airport’s “tour ambassador” welcomed us along with Cristina Armand, Social Media Manager for the airport.  After a quick brief on some of the airports security procedures and our rules for the tour, we walked out to our shuttle for the exclusive private showing of one of the finest airports in the world.

Aside from the interesting architecture of the airport and the overwhelming mass of space used for MIA, we were allowed ALMOST nose to nose access to various airplanes, shown a fleet of private jets, and watched numerous landings and take offs from the airfield.  All in all, it was a great experience 1) for the exclusive views that most of the general public don’t have the ability to see and 2) to share the moments along side some of Miami’s creative minds from the IG community (@she.smiles, @woosupreme, @dembymalibu, @legendaryalex, @spore_one, @acetrini87 & @clubcatok.  Thanks to Harold Rosario, @artofmiami on Instagram, and editor/publisher of artofmiami.com for taking the lead to coordinate with MIA to host us for the tour.  Also check out Harold’s blog post and the hashtag #iflymiameet on Instagram, as well as follow the IGs previously mentioned.  Peep more of my images from the tour below, and drop a comment to let me know what you think.

NOTE: All images taken with my Sony A6000 and edited in VSCO.


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