Sunday, November 1st.  The sunrise began around 630am, but the day for me started at 530am.  “Wanna go to the meet” was the text that greeted me after my alarm.  “Yes, please” was my response.  Happy I had a backup ride to Bakers Haulover Inlet and anxious to see this potentially new & visually stimulating spot.  In full costume and ready for 3-4 instagram meet ups, I was heading out to play Nick Fury, before I even knew that someone else would come in as Storm, and would be my adversary initially, later my ally by about 4pm.

It was a fun day, modeling in costume, play some awesome action scenes and spurring Miami’s creativity for any number of photography enthusiasts.  Shout out to @wordintown, @madsam_photography, @mbonillaimages, @lp_namaste, @alyram81, @centralcaptain, @oneofthebrave, & @luz_xdenise for capturing the moments all morning.

Shout out to @oneofthebrave, @noternielemon, @miamism, @related_group, @depotmsa & @its_holes for organizing this past weekend’s meets. #communityfirst

To Storm (@earthamarley), until next we meet…”I’ve got my eye on you.” -Director Nick Fury, Iron Man 2.

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