Community Is Important, That’s What I Believe

Trey Ratcliff

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to help plan and organize Trey Ratcliff’s photo walk through Miami, as a part of his 13-city tour across the United States.  I had the opportunity to not only secure a venue for the walk to start & end (thank you Sean McCormick & McCormick Place in downtown Miami for hosting), not only to plan a 1.6 mile route through the heart of downtown, but also to to provide an opportunity for other photography enthusiasts from ALL over (not just South Florida) to come and mingle, and experience what they are most passionate about; photography.

It was definitely a cool experience to meet such a unique, and well established individual in the industry, to be able to play with some of the gear that this photography leader and his business associates have developed as well .  The sense of pride I have from so much that happened (successfully) from this event, and being able to meet so many new people with many wonderful talents in photography was just overwhelming.  I just hope we can all continue to experience this joy and make more events like this happen in the future.

More imagery below from the full event start to finish.  Another thank you to The Ritz Carlton South Beach for scheduling an interview with Trey for me and some friends for Life Is Art, thank you to Latin Burger & Passion BBQ food trucks for supporting the cause with some of your AMAZING eats and to the other volunteers, Chuck, Tanya, & Jennifer for your persistence in helping to get things done!

One more goodie for the readers, click here for the highlight video Trey and his team made of the walk through the city.  Enjoy!

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