New Orleans: Night

As promised, here are some views of The Crescent City from my recent travels there.  In the quickest 48 hours (and 45 minutes)  of my life,  I was very fortunate to befriend a local artist (who coincidentally transplanted from South Florida), who gave me one of the best tours given by a local of the city.

We visited the touristy French Quarter,  French Market and various other sections of town. Nighttime is my favorite time to shoot, more challenges come with capturing the shot in were lighting, all while still paying attention to your surroundings. All images were edited with VSCO; it seems like I favored the A5, F2, & Q8 filters, with minor additional tweaks to the highlights and fade factor of a few images. Over all I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome. Part 2, “New Orleans: Day” comes Friday. Enjoy the view.


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