“A street photography project to document world’s humanity in one single day. World wide participants will share their city stories through one photo per hour during 24 hours. By creators Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc and Sam Smotherman @whittiersam.”

Over the course of 24 hours, people with any type of camera from all over the world shared their stories all online.  When I last checked on instagram, 24 Hour Project had over 28,337 posts, although I’m sure there are more to come and lets not forget the other social media platforms that may have been posted as well.  But how good does it feel to be included in something on a worldwide scale, where you’re connection to the world is through your imagery?  I can tell you it feels great, and I wouldn’t have missed the opportunity for anything (except the 3 hours of sleep I apparently needed in order to keep going).  Check out the galleries on instagram through #24hourproject, #24hr15 and locally at #24hr15_Miami, and enjoy my images from the project below.

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