Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents – DeAnne Connolly Graham

Another South Floridian with a beautiful soul to compliment her contagious smile, is DeAnne Connolly Graham, another powerhouse in the south Florida community.  I’ve always admired DeAnne’s social networking abilities; the way she transitions from colleague to colleague, not missing a beat with Introductions, and I swear the world already knows of her greatness. I’m honored to learn even more about this amazing women, and privilege to be able to share with you all!

Photo: AnthonyJordon Photography

Name:  DeAnne Connolly Graham
City: Live in Miramar, but spend most of my time in Miami.

Profession/What do you do?
I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 2 years as a media marketing consultant.  Beginning this April 1st I will be Vice President of Community Relations for Next Galaxy, a very innovative technology company that has recently relocated to Miami.

Are you originally from Miami? If not, where are you originally from?
I was born in Chelsea, London, England.  My family is from Grand Cayman and Jamaica where I lived for a few years as a child.  I grew up in Connecticut.

How long have you lived in the city?
I’ve lived in South Florida for the past 28 years and totally love it!

What are you passionate about & why?
I’m especially passionate about educating and empowering girls because I believe they are who will change our world for the better.

What do you hope to accomplish through your talents?
Giving a greater opportunity for young people to acquire skills that will guarantee them successful and fun careers.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

How would/do you use your super powers to accomplish your goals?
I would travel faster with no worries about traffic or airline delays 🙂

What was your most significant achievement in 2014/life?
My most significant achievement in life was raising 3 totally brilliant children who are now living happy and purposeful adult lives. 

What if anything do you hope to contribute to Miami?
With my new position at Next Galaxy, I expect to help change the face of education with immersive learning labs in high schools, technical schools and colleges while raising awareness of the many lucrative careers available in the technology industry.  I expect to make Miami a leader in the game changing technology of virtual reality.   I’ll also be working with other industries such as tourism, real estate and marketing that can benefit from this innovative technology.

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