Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents – Erika Louise-Julie

I’ve known Erika as a professional in the hospitality industry for several years, and i long ago came to terms that it is a befitting and proper career choice for her. Her personally speaks of worldly experiences, and her eagerness to learn more about it as well as to be able to embrace the people and cultures of the world. Erika’s desire for others to get out and see the world is infectious; this being one of the many reasons she is featured thus month.

Photo: AnthonyJordon Photography

Are you originally from Miami? If not, where are you originally from?
Atlanta Ga

How long have you lived in the city?

What are you passionate about & why?
Traveling. I love the idea of being in new foreign places and having to figure it all out; from experiencing different cultures, to the cuisines, the atmospheres interacting with the locals. Learning the way. It intrigues me.

What do you hope to accomplish through your talents? 
I would like to start an organization for under-privilege teenagers to travel internationally. A passport program of sorts. I think our youth aren’t taught or shown that there is a big world out there for them to see and experience. They become products of their environment and maintain a closed mind because of it. I would like to see young urban professionals mentor our youth thru these travel experiences.

If you had super powers, what would your power be? 
Teleportation for sure!!

How would/do you use your super powers to accomplish your goals?
I would be anywhere and everywhere!! Literally. I would definitely utilize it to allow me to accomplish my world travels and continue to educate myself [through] these experiences.

What was your most significant achievement in 2014 (or in life)? 
Outside of overcoming the stereotypes of being a teenage mother. I would definitely have to say relocating to Miami; not knowing a soul and “making it work” from the ground up. I can truly say I’ve maintained a close knit circle that has taken my daughter and I in like we were their own family. And I truly appreciate every home cooked meal and holiday invitation. Relocating has matured me in ways I never thought possible. And to know that I don’t have to be fearful of starting over or [of] failure, has been my greatest achievement yet. 

What if anything do you hope to contribute to Miami? 
I would like to continue to grow the Beautiful Brown Girls brand here in South Florida as well as provide an alternative to the typical Miami nightlife by introducing new innovative events for urban professionals as well as group travels and excursions. 

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