Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents – Cindi George

I met her at an event at the now non existent Lucky Strike Miami and fortunately for us,  we’ve maintain a very special friendship ever since. Cindi has taught me to be on my game when it comes to networking and going after what I want in life. She helps remind me that everything is attainable through hard work,  lots of patience and staying true to your friends. She’s also helped keep me in check and to remember to stay as humble as you can at all times.  I’m thankful for her positive influence in my life in the short few years of our friendship…so I extend this extra Birthday gift to her.  Presenting…Ms. Cindi George.

Photo: AnthonyJordon Photography

City  Miami Beach FL
Profession/What do you do? Event Sales/Windridge Yacht Charters

Are you originally from Miami? If not, where are you originally from?
No, I’m Originally from Seattle, WA

How long have you lived in the city?
I’ve lived in Miami for 13 years now.

What are you passionate about & why?
Guiding our young people.  I feel that in this day and age, young people need mentors more than ever.  These days, there are just too many outside influences that guide kids to make foolish decisions that have long lasting effects on their lives.  As kids, we all got into trouble for little stupid stuff like stealing  a popsicle on a hot day from the corner store, skipping school once in a while with your friends or having boys in the house when you weren’t supposed to.  Oh, was that just me???  But todays kids are living WAY beyond their years and getting into stuff that as a grown woman, I don’t even get into nor did I even know about it when I was their age.  This is where a good mentor comes in.  

What do you hope to accomplish through your talents?
To own my own marketing and PR company.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?
I’d definitely be invisible!

How would/do you use your super powers to accomplish your goals?
Listen in on the meetings of my competition!

What was your most significant achievement in 2014/life?
Not being a single mother.  Shout out to all the single moms out there.  You ladies are warriors of life!

What if anything do you hope to contribute to Miami?
To continue to be a big sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and encourage more young girls to be  strong, independent, intelligent and successful young diva’s

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