Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents – Yasser Faraco

I met Yasser several years ago while I was shooting for a local publication, covering happenings in and around Miami.  The event that night was a fashion show for the Legendary House of Ninja, Yasser coordinating the presentation of participants and their costumes for the various categories. Years later I’m glad to call Yasser a friend,  having worked with him on various projects, photographed his designs and envied his travels around the US, he works tirelessly to build his brand and garner maximum exposure for his creativity.


Name: Yasser Faraco
City  Miami, FL
Profession/What do you do? Art, photographer, & designer.

Are you originally from Miami? If not, where are you originally from? Originally born in Cuba, born moved here when I was 12.

What are you passionate about & why?  Art,  I’m passionate about it because it feeds my energy; it’s what I live for, to create.

What do you hope to accomplish through your talents? When I was younger it was to be a famous person as an artist but now I want to be able to help share talent  and artistry, to encourage others to be comfortable with self expression.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? I would want to have x-ray vision and telepathy.

How would/do you use your super powers to accomplish your goals? To be able to know someone’s intentions/needs before they reveal themselves; helping me better interact with people to achieve a maximum end result quicker.

What was your most significant achievement in 2014/life?
Participating in Funkshion fashion week was my biggest accomplishment in life thus far.  It was an opportunity to showcase my designs at a very mainstream event. It was an opportunity that most designers want to experience, to take their craft to the next level. It adds credibility to my talents as an artist and helps to expose more audiences to my artwork, hopefully motivating others to build the courage to show off their creations to the world.

What if anything do you hope to contribute to Miami? With regards to art, I’d like to be an example of the kind of local artist that the city can utilize to build and/or represent Miami.  Far too often Miami continues to bring in artistry from outside of the city let alone the state.  Through my designs I hope to give Miami more local options when it comes to designers and potentially meeting the city’s needs when an opportunity is presented.

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