Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents – Tola Osokoya

A leader in his community and an amazing photographer, Tola Oshkosh an I first met on an Instameet a few years ago. I was always amazed at his works and was honored to finally meet the man behind the masterpieces. He has introduced me to so many other creative and inspirational artists,  and I’m grateful for his sense and example of community,  as well as his ability to bring some pretty interesting people together.

Photo: AnthonyJordon Photography

“I’m originally from Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to Miami over 15yrs ago and I’ve lived here ever since. I’m passionate about Architecture and recently discovered Photography. I love it because it provokes and stimulates me mentally. I try and think of what the artist was thinking, concepts, and how the piece came to be.  [If I were a superhero] I’d have to say [I’d be] superman because he has one flaw. I interpret that as nothing is perfect; even the things we hold most valuable has a flaw. I remember even growing up when I draw, I would purposely leave something or some parts of the drawing incomplete. Ultimately I want people to see what I do and the image takes them on a mental journey. An architectural student recognizes his/her favorite architect’s work/language. It’s a unique signature that the architect is recognized for. So for me, when someone who I showed my images to for the first time was able to understand and relay back to me my thought process with my images, that’s when I knew I’ve developed a language and knew I’ve achieved something monumental. [In doing what I do I hope to] show to the world that there is more to Florida as a whole besides our beautiful beaches and nightlife as well as capturing moments that would make people want to travel and see places on their own.”

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