“Live Life Abundantly”

year in review

The year was 2014 and so much happened.  From #instameets, to new jobs, to seeing family, acting as the best man at my brother’s wedding, traveling so much over the course of the full year, being a photography reference and source for various projects, and so much more.  No matter what you do in life, do it to the fullest. My best moments over the year:

1) New job at Park Place By the Bay apts downtown Miami
2) Instameets #wwim8 #wwim9 #wwim10 #MIAlightthenight just to name a few
3) Overtown & Liberty City Photovoice participation
4) Art/Work Connections: Instagram Tips
5) Webcongress: NYC
6) Family reunions (aka travel 2,800+ miles over 3 months aka “Reunited and it feels so good”)
7) Best Man at my brother’s wedding
8) Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo walk leader
9) “I Am Hero” Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaign Photographer
10) NASA Social participant
11) and finally…Help Portrait Miami coordinator

Busy year and gotta keep the momentum going through 2015!  Let’s do this!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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