Ten Down, Two To Go

Who Wants To Ride?
Who Wants To Ride?

Day 27/30 #SMCSFblog #30daychallenge

Ten months have passed leaving a few days in November and all of December to go.  Just in case you didn’t know, this year Black Friday is also the LAST FRIDAY of the month of November; what does that mean here in Miami…Miami Critical Mass.  What you need to know:

1) Hundreds upon hundreds of bikers will be riding though downtown Miami and surrounding neighborhoods starting at approximately 615pm

2) The ride will last for HOURS…so if you plan on driving to work that day or shopping that evening, plan to stay wherever you may go for an EXTRA long time

3) check out the route map, or grab your bike and join the crowd (the ride is REALLY cool and will help you reduce the stress level of being stuck in one location for a long time with nothing but your frustrations and a choice few four or more lettered words).

4) Remember it’s Friday, Black Friday AND Critical Mass…BE CAREFUL and AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES!

Also afterwards, meet me at Spris Pizza Downtown…free Peroni & some really good food!  Or head to Spris before, Beat the Clock and pay for your meal according to the time you arrive!

To find out more about Miami Critical Mass check out The Miami Bike Scene website or the Facebook page.

Route map courtesy The Miami Bike Scene

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