Anger Management


Day 20/30 #SMCSFblog #30daychallenge

Ever taken a morning ride on Miami Dade Public transit? If you haven’t,  you should to experience a sampling of Miami’s “unique” population of commuters. From the new entrepreneur working on his laptop to the sleeping student heading to class (or home from the previous night’s club adventure), it’s almlst as mich as people watching in Lincoln Road (another story for another day).

But what i couldn’t figure out this morning was why everyone was so ANGRY. The rider who had to run to the on time scheduled arrival of the bus (damn the driver for being on time for once). The passenger who chose to stand next to 4 other people in tight confines who were either still asleep or unconcerned that there were many extra seats at the rear of the bus. The girl who threw her trash out the door in front of me, too lazy to wait until she got off at the next stop to use the trash can there (ok so yes, I got upset at that… And said nothing to her about it…I accept my fault).

Needless to say there are way too many reasons to NOT be angry before 9am (or anytime of the day).

I leave you with Madea & Dr.  Phil’s anger management therapy session, encouraging you to look for the brighter side of things when anger starts to creep in to the picture, or at least pretend to psychoanalyze “why are you so angry?”

Photo courtesy LionsGate/Google Images

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