On South Florida Cycling and Critical Mass


Biking, no matter what form, makes me happy. Ridiculously happy. It’s the perfect, most efficient method of transportation, exercise and entertainment. I feel great when I finish, and I know that once I get the pedals turning, my mood will lift (even with these damned South Florida “breezes,” as they’re called in some circles…). Cycling has allowed me to explore on my own without sitting in gridlocked traffic and see Miami from a different perspective.

It’s like falling in love again. In love with two wheels and all the wonders they afford me.

Since moving to Miami, I’ve tried on multiple occasions to encapsulate this feeling with words, as well as document the few Critical Mass rides I’ve participated in. (Miami’s ride—more on that HERE—is the last Friday of the month and leaves from the Government Center metro station. The more than 1,000 riders create a 20-mile parade!…

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