Within 48 Hours

Lots of great photography related opportunities are happening!

Lots of great photography related opportunities are happening!


Some SERIOUSLY positive energy since Monday 7am:

First, I found out one of my photos was featured on Twenty20 over the weekend.

Same day, I was notified that Polaroid Fotobar would be sponsoring my prints for my Instagram Workshop on 4/15.

A few hours later I find out I’m one of 5 prize winners for completing an online survey.

Finalized Tuesday morning by seeing I’ve “…been selected for the ~feature team!” for Twenty20.

Such a good week and it’s only halfway done!

Closing With Trek6


Such an intimate setting last night at Rise Up Gallery in Wynwood. Trek6‘s closing exhibition seemed to be displayed even more beautifully than when I attended opening weekend.  Listening to his motives, the most fascinating fact to me was “…I don’t know what I’m going to paint until about 5 minutes before.” Amazing how our muses work huh….


Thanks to Justin and Yess (You and I Are Love) for putting on such great shows an spearheading this one

Photography: The Basics


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Photos courtesy: Dr. Tisa McGhee   Last Saturday (Feb 15) I had the opportunity to test my own knowledge and present some photography basics to volunteers for an upcoming project called “Using Photovoice in Overtown“. “The Photovoice project is being … Continue reading

Catch Me If You Can


Between 7-10pm

Cynthia Fleischmann Bodypaintography Opening Reception @UM Wynwood Art Gallery

GGs Fado 101 Exhibition @Wyn317


New Spris Pizza Midtown Grand Opening

It Was Something About Brunch


Sunday January 26th the final day of the birthday weekend and our 1030am reservation for brunch was confirmed by 9am the same day.  Excited to celebrate with the guest list the passing of my first weekend as a maturer adult (38 years and still kicking).  After arriving at Morgan’s Restaurant we were escorted to the space upstairs (because outside on such a beautiful day was unfortunately already taken).

Our two reserved tables for 12 participants was set.

Now in Miami, on a Sunday (or any day for that matter) NO ONE shows up on time (DISCLAIMER #1).  As we awaited other guests arrival, an hour into the reserved time, our waitress asks on behalf of the host if we were going to use the second table. “Of course” I reply to which she responds, “…Ok, but we just wanted to let you know that we have another party reserved in this space at 130pm.”

Now, I’ve been to numerous restaurants, and put in reservations before and never been told (after sitting down, and ordering our food, pictures forthcoming) that our time is being monitored before we have to get out (DISCLAIMER #2).  In 2013 my birthday brunch took place at Nikki Beach. I and my guests arrived at our reserved time up to as late as an hour and a half after reservation time, but we were never encouraged to monitor our time as we enjoyed the day SPENDING OUR MONEY on the food and beverages while we celebrated our day.

I digress; I started to become agitated as my other guests leisurely arrive.  I ask to speak with the host as I’m now bothered with the limitation. In speaking with the host I asked the question, “Is it common practice to limit guests’ time of stay at your venue?” The response was “Well, all of your guests have not yet arrived and you’re an hour in to your reservation so we just assume they’re not coming.”  I retort, “Well as you know in Miami no one arrives anywhere on time, and also when I called in my reservation this morning, no one mentioned that there was a time limit in place for how long we could spend our money at your venue.  I get it; you’re here to run a business but if there is a limitation on how long people are expected to “enjoy” their brunch, that should be made know in the initial conversation over the phone, which in turn will help the consumer decided if they want to take their experience, their time and their money somewhere else that may be more enjoyable.”  I also referenced my Nikki Beach experience, in a calm and professional tone (as bad as I wanted to let Sharkeisha out-side joke) so that no one felt in fear of their lives and to demonstrate that people can speak sensibly without a lot of drama.

End of the conversation, the host reassured us that we could stay longer if needed and that they would handle the 130pm reservation with no interruption to our reservation.

While I’m happy with their decision, I’m still a little aloof that it even happened.

SIDE NOTES- our waitress NATALIE was amazing (never kill the messenger, just the management).  Brunch was great but I’ll consider other venues next time, in addition to asking more questions about their reservation practices.  OnE if the two tables Billl came to $184 , and we ended up leaving by 1pm…even with the delayed arrivals.

Now enjoy the #foodporn.

We Went To Peru…And The Food Was Awesome!

SPOILER ALERT: food pics below

Divino Ceviche in Coral Gables has some amazing Peruvian food, great staff and a quaint ambiance. I had my birthday dinner there with a few close friends (also other social media experts), so technically I had my own tweet up (#HBDAJ38 check it out).

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While On The Seafair

My second excursion to check out the Miami International Artfair had me spending over an hour admiring the works of Lorenzo Quinn, represented by Halcyon Gallery. I still haven’t figured out my attraction (literally) to sculptures (over photographs and other art), even with the allure of cruising Biscayne Bay under the moon and stars just off the Miami coastline.

And just in case you missed the show from Thursday night click here.  Also, a special thank you to Sean McCormick (yes THE owner of McCormick Place in downtown Miami) for extending the VIP invitation.


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MIA Artfair…Go See It

Last night I got a chance to check out the 5th edition preview aboard SeaFair. Some very interesting works aboard a unique space.