Lyric Theater Energy


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This past week I had the opportunity, not once but TWICE to experience the Historic Lyric Theater.  Two events; the screening of Deep City: Birth of the Miami Sound, sponsored by the Knight Foundation, and “A World More Concrete: Real Estate And The … Continue reading

Tapas Journey Happening Now


“This September, Barcelona comes to Miami with the Estrella Damm Tapas Journey. For the entire month of September, enjoy three Signature Tapas and one Estrella Damm beer for $20 at each of the participating restaurants in the Brickell and Downtown … Continue reading

Blind Leading The Blind


So to add to the further hub bub about Facebook messenger (or any mobile app) and the prlermissions society doesn’t want to give up, you should download and pay for at least one month of Lookout Premium. Scanned all of the apps on you phone to see what permissions you’ve already granted. You’ll be surprised what you find. Anyone wanna go back to using a flip phone (not the smartphone which will lead to the replacement of people by robots)?

I already know and accept the fact that big brother is watching me.  On Star Trek, the Borg’s infamous statement was “Resistance Is Futile”.  Change is inevitable so adapt and overcome, that’s my motto.  Just my two cents.

Real Estate Photography “Etiquette”

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 Are you Using Photos Owned by Other Entities?

The Realtors Law & Policy Department says

Cease and desist or pay some steep fines

    You’ve just secured a great listing, but soon you realize that your smartphone photos don’t showcase the property and its surroundings to its full potential. So you go on the Internet, find some pictures you like and use them for your marketing and advertising. The problem for real estate professionals is that the pictures are the intellectual property of some entity. Someone used their time to take, edit, and publish those photos; therefore they own the rights -unless specifically noted. By using those photos you obtained off the Internet, you are infringing on their intellectual property rights without authorization. The Realtors Law & Policy Department says ignorance, accident, or third party use on your behalf, are NOT an excuse. You will be held liable…

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There’s A New Brat In Town


The impromptu dinner date stated with a text from a good friend: HER “Are you hungry? Do you like sausage? Can you be in Brickell by 7:00? ME: “LOL yes yes and yes.” “PROST Wurstgrill and Bierhouse is a modern … Continue reading

#VJMM14 – THE Vanessa James “VJMedia Mixology” 3 Year Anniversary Event

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Year 3 down, many more to go.  Congratulations goes out to Vanessa James and her third annual media mixer, connecting media influencers of all types Here in south Florida.  The beautiful venue host was Studio 255 in Wynwood. “VJMedia Mixology … Continue reading